Human Evolution & Anthropology Conferences

Human Behavior and Evolution Society

HBESHuman Behavior and Evolution Society
Annual Conference : July 4-7, 2018
Amsterdam, Netherlands
HBES is an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to using evolutionary theory to enrich our understanding of human behavior. 
Early registration ends on April 22
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Cultural Evolution Society

Cultural Evolution Society
Second Annual Meeting: October 22-24, 2018
Tempe, Arizona

The Cultural Evolution Society is a new, interdisciplinary society that aims to study "cultural change from a modern evolutionary perspective, both inside and outside the Ivory Tower."  The second annual CES conference will be hosted by the Global Biosocial Complexity Initiative at Arizona State University.

Abstracts due by June 15, 2018

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American Anthropological Association

AAAAmerican Anthropological Association
Annual Meeting:  November 14 - 18, 2018
San Jose, California
The 2018 AAA Annual Meeting will address the theme of Change in the Anthropologial Imagination: Resistence, Resilience, and Adaptation
Call for papers registration ends on April 16
Pre-registration is open from April 17- October 31
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Biennial Meeting: April 16-19, 2018
Torun, Poland
The Evolang conference series provides the major meeting for researchers worldwide in the origins and evolution of language. The Evolang conferences are interdisciplinary, with contributions from disciplines including, but not limited to: anthropology, archeology, artificial life, biology, cognitive science, genetics, linguistics, modeling, paleontology, physiology, primatology, and psychology. Typically, about 300 delegates attend, with representatives from all these disciplines.
Early registration closes January 20, 2018
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Psychology & Cognitive Science Conferences

Society for Personality & Social Psychology

SPSPSociety for Personality & Social Psychology
Annual Convention : February 7-9, 2019
Portland, Oregon
Society for Personality & Social Psychology (SPSP) is the largest organization for social psychologists and personality psychologists. Their annual conference features preconferences, talks, workshops, and more. The Society offers $500 graduate student travel awards to attend the annual convention. For more information, see here.
Program submission from July 9-24, 2018
Registration opens August 16, 2018
For information on graduate student conference travel funding, see here. Open for submission July 9-24 2018.
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Cognitive Science Society

Cognitive Science SocietyCognitive Science Society
40th Annual Meeting: July 25-28, 2018
Madison, Wisconsin
Information about be posted when it becomes available. For more information about last year's conference, see here.

Association for Psychological Science

APSAssociation for Psychological Science
30th Annual Convention: May 24-27, 2018
San Francisco, CA
The APS Annual Convention features talks, pre-conferences, workshops, & poster sessions from across the psychological sciences.  For more information about the 2018 conference, see here.
Symposium submissions due by November 15
Poster submission due by January 31, 2018
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Other Conferences

American Academy of Religion

AARAmerican Academy of Religion
Annual Meetings: November 17–20, 2018
Denver, Colorado
The Annual Meetings of the American Academy of Religion is the world's largest gathering of scholars interested in the study of religion. Academic sessions, workshops, meetings, receptions, and tours … more than 1,000 events take place during the Annual Meetings.
Call for papers deadline is March 1
Registration is open from May 24-November 15
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